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About Nick Pullin

I have worked with my musical partner – the fabulous singer Joanna Swan – since my mid twenties when I auditioned for the post of guitarist in her band, The Sidneys. Though the band - fronted by three female singers employing Andrews sisters type harmonies - generated much record company interest, The Sidneys eventually broke up. By this time my and Joanna’s relationship was more than just a musical partnership. So we moved out into the country and set about writing the songs that would bring about, we hoped, huge, worldwide success.

Cut to twenty years later. We now had two children and a musical career that had been a succession of near misses. True success had eluded us.

Until in 2002 the miracle happened. Joanna and I, with our bandmate Dan Brown were signed to Virgin Records. Our debut album, They Died For Beauty, was released in 2004. Then, just two years later it was all over. For various reasons, too many to go into here, Virgin Records let us go.


The dream had died. I was now 46. Too old to rock’n’roll. Clearly it was time to hang up my guitar. But I didn’t. Joanna and I, through passion, or sheer stubbornness, kept on going. And since our first record we have gone on to self produce a further seven albums and many EP’s.

Over the years my songs have featured in ads by Cacherel, Revlon and YSL. They have been used in movies, notably Mr Brooks, starring Kevin Costner. And they continue to appear in film and television worldwide. I have also written music for wildlife documentaries and numerous albums of library music.

And now, in this latest phase of my career, I am excited and honoured to be part of Late Night Flying.

Mercy - LYRICS

No leather carriage that I could climb into
just field and parish that I went limping through
no grace or favour that I could ever see
no friendly stranger, oh mercy me, oh mercy me
the way was hard and my heart was a cold, cold ground

My child was taken before I woke and knew
the god forsaken pain that I went through
I blame my brother my child would never see
his loving mother, oh mercy me, oh mercy me
the way was hard and my heart was a cold, cold ground
save me, save me

Through every county that I would sink or swim
no kin or family, I never heard from him
each town and factory that I was forced to flee
was hell exactly, oh mercy me, oh mercy me
the way was hard and my heart was a cold, cold ground

The Story Behind The Song

This song was written for a blues and soul album called Gospel which we/Ilya released in 2016.
Joanna is a huge Nina Simone fan and I wrote this for her to sing with influences of Nina in there.

As the song is ultimately, despairing, we felt it better to come off the gas with that emotion and propel it along with an easy momentum, helped by the internal half rhymes in the song, the bass heavy groove and a jaded and cool, 'telling it as it is' vocal.

The story would have been a more sprawling 8 verses to start with but we wanted to whittle it down to a pop song length, so huge chunks of the story were axed; which is just as well as it’s basically a bleak blues song about the hardship of a young woman, whose illegitimate baby was taken from her by her shamed family. She was disowned and cast out by them to fend for herself and her struggle to survive has no happy ending, so keeping it short makes the bitter pill go down a bit quicker :~P

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