Junior Dayvis

She Cried Her Eyes Out


About Junior Dayvis

I started in the 1980’s, yeh around that time I saw Boy George and The Police on Top of the Pops. Lyrics were my thing at first because I couldn't play an instrument. I gave some lyrics to a guitarist someone introduced me to for him to put some music to them. When I heard the music he played I thought I better learn to play guitar, so I did.

I got a guitar out of the Daily Star and bought some books by Russ Shipton (Legend). My influences helped me, legends like Bob Marley, The Jackson 5, Sting. Later on I discovered rock music and The Eagles, Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendricks and many more. Being left-handed everything was upside down. But I was determined and formed my first band City Limits.

If success is measured by determination and knock-backs, I'm a millionaire. I met a lad living a couple of doors away from me when I moved to a new flat. His name is Darren, he said he could sing I said I played guitar, we formed our first incarnation Cousin George. We are now Darnell.

We met Dave Smith from the Real Thing who put us in touch with his manager Tony Hall. He called us and we were on our way. Well so we thought.

Anyway our mates Bov & Jaffa were dancers on the ITV show, The Hitman and Her and were touring with Michael Jackson. They met a bloke called John and gave him our tape. He liked our songs and he put us on a gig in Redcar, then a gig in Yarm in Middlesbrough with Phats and Small, and Shane from Boyzone. We were on our way, well so we thought. I formed many bands that didn't go anywhere, not because we didn't try but circumstance and life took everyone on their own path. I made lifelong friends and that is what matters.


I love writing and searching and playing. I’m not a trained guitar player, but that's why I love it so much. When I write a song I'm always staggered by how people listen and then compliment, good or bad, I own it all.

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