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Outside Time


About Chris Franklin

I have been a musician since I was nine years old, when my aunt gave me her piano to cheer me up after my father died. I found making music a great solace and this led to a life-long love of playing and creating.

I’ve toured with many artists; Gloria Gaynor, Carol Decker, Barbara Dickson, and many others, and played all over the world. I have never lost my passion for making music and loving the positive effect music can have on people’s lives.

The most important element for me is the feel of a song. Regardless of the style, a song must feel good, or, as I like to say, “It won’t make you move, if it ain’t got that groove”.

Even though I had been writing and arranging for most of my career I had never quite found the ideal writing partner until meeting Cally Bell. Originally, Cally came to me for music lessons, but I sensed a latent musical talent in Cally and gave her a song idea to work on. Within a week she had come up with a great lyric and melodic idea and our musical partnership was born. That first song idea became a track called Changing Faces, which features on our debut album, Life Lines.


I am a lover of most musical styles but especially funk, soul, gospel and jazz. This makes working with Cally, who leans towards musical theatre, particularly interesting. Our partnership is a Yin Yang kind of thing and is proving to be very productive and taking us both in exciting new directions.

We both entered the songwriting competition and discovered this remarkable sub-group of self-selected musicians that we are proud to be part of on Late Night Flying.

Outside Time - LYRICS

At the end of the day
When the hours get small
And you’re sat all alone
Making sense of it all
I want you to know
My love never died
I’m just outside ... outside time

Outside time
Love is forever
I’m right here beside you
I’m a hairs breadth away
I’m there as you wake
I’m just outside ... outside time

Remember the fun times, things that we’d say
remember the sunshine we brought to our days
remember the hard times that we went through
So, I’m sending white feathers as
my sign to you ...
Though I have gone
I’ll never be far
I’m that Déjà vu moment
That twinkling star
You were my life
My love never died
I’m here waiting ... outside

Outside time
Loves is forever
I’m right here beside you
I’m a hairs breadth away
I’m there as you wake
Waiting outside ... outside
outside time

Go live your life,
when it is through,
I’ll be there

The Story Behind The Song

The foundation for this song was a chance overheard comment on a radio broadcast concerning the murder of Jessie Earl. Jessie Earl was 22 when she disappeared in May 1980 in Eastbourne, East Sussex. Her remains were found in March 1989. Her mother, Valerie Earl, was answering a question about how she felt about the loss of her daughter. Valerie replied that she considered her daughter would now always be 22 as she was now OUTSIDE TIME.

My writing partner, Cally Bell, was very taken with this way of thinking of our loved ones who have departed, as they are all outside time, and began to work on a lyric using this expression.

I had been working on a musical progression in the style of the great songs from the fifties and sixties by artist such as Nat King Cole, but I had not considered the lyrics. Cally suggested we try using her new lyrics and they fitted perfectly with the music. The lyrics are written in the first person of the deceased and we hope offers some comfort to the bereaved.

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