Caroline Cakebread

Where You Once Stood


About Caroline Cakebread

I always loved music and as a child I would ‘dance’ to the soundtrack of Dr Zhivago in a world of my own. I would sing along to my sister’s guitar playing, sing in church and was in the ‘Little Wind Band’ at school playing the flute. In early teens I would sneak out to ‘guitar practice’, alternative wardrobe in the case, and see bands like the Slits, Au Pairs, Raincoats, reggae clubs, Simple Minds, U2, Stiff Little Fingers, The Damned, and their supports.

The gig bug seed was sown.

I was ‘discovered’ by Lol Hammond who taught me to play bass and joined his new band. He had close links with Geoff Travis and Rough Trade distributed their records. Then came Khartomb, formed with school friends; I played bass, flute, wrote the songs and later became the singer. John Peel was a fan, and we recorded a four-track session at Maida Vale for his show with producer Dale Griffin, which got good airplay as did the single Swahili Lullaby. We played the London circuit and had a minor ‘cult following’, playing with the likes of Jesus and Mary Chain.


Moving to London to go to Art School I met new musicians and formed a new band. We recorded in Simon Townsend’s studio, had a buzz around us and were picked up by Chrysalis…who dropped us when they were taken over. Khartomb reformed in 2013, made a single that was well received, particularly in the USA but broke up again in 2019. Ever the ‘nearly band’!

My present band, Siren have supported artists such as Minnie Birch, Saskia Griffiths Moore, and Edwina Hayes.

Writing songs, particularly lyrics/poetry is a compulsion. I am predominately interested in making alternative, often but not exclusively, acoustic music. I love collaborating and the atmosphere of live music.

Late Night Flying has given our group of talented, eclectic artists the chance to come together to make this album (so much technical and artistic skill in the mix too) so my hope is that we will bring out more than one album and….who knows!

(Photo by Danny Inwood)

Where You Once Stood - LYRICS

As the day awakens and I still sleep,
I dream of the mountains still shrouded in mist.
And I stir and turn over to look in your eyes,
But I feel just a space there where you no longer lie.

As the sun drops lower and sinks down and dips,
And takes with it daylight.
Well, it leaves me in shadows as I search the horizon
To catch sight of you.
But I see just a space there where you once stood,
And I feel just a space there where you once stood

I’ve built my life around the loss of you
The loss of you

The Story Behind The Song

This had many influences and meanings for me. It reflects the sense of loss we can feel when someone has gone from our lives for whatever reason, but I wrote it in 2020 when news of Covid deaths became a daily occurrence and the stories of those left behind formed a backdrop to life. I found myself pondering over the death of my father (I wrote the song ‘Epitaph’ about that which you can find on Soundcloud) and the loss of a close relationship gone sour where the intimacy of sharing a bed has gone, and the view of that person has gone over the horizon. I also in my work as a psychotherapist have worked with those who are bereaved and most people do not ‘get over’ the death of a loved one; they grow a new life around that loss. So, Where You Once Stood came from all these elements. A simple song with a complex back story.

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